Can you achieve weight loss by drinking smoothies ?

In this episode of the HFE pod-cast, I interview Bradly Jarryd, model, actor, NASM certified personal trainer & the author of The Ultimate Smoothie Guide. I dig into his life, how he got started, what inspired him to write his eBook. Brad began his journey in the Health & Fitness world at a young age and when he started his first job over at Smoothie King, he realized his passion for these amazing ingredients and their health benefits. Finally working at Smoothie King inspired him to incorporate smoothies into his life on regular basis. Therefore by doing this he achieved huge weight loss and learned which recipes and ingredients make for the best tasting smoothies. Brad was inspired to write the Ultimate Smoothie Guide in hopes of trying to create something that would inspire others. Healthy change in their lifestyle by adding these delicious health conscious beverages.

Brad is also an NASM certified personal trainer, model and actor. As someone who is always on the go, he breaks down the benefits of why he loves smoothies. As well as addresses the importance of the health benefits that low glycemic beverages offer compared to what you would typically see in the super market e.g Naked Juice, Odwalla and etc. Brads recipes ultimately boost metabolism, help you loose weight and increase energy. Often as a personal trainer we get questions like “how to stay in shape in your 40s”. And “How to loose weight in your 50s”

Smoothies are a great way to start because nutrition is KING and you can start noticing a difference in your weight rather quickly. Keep in mind, as we get older our digestive system can slow down. Therefore it cannot absorb nutrients as well as before. A must listen for someone who is trying to loose weight in there 40s.

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The Ultimate Smoothie guide

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