What’s it like being Grant Cardones pilot?

Meet Ryan Tseko

Grant Cardones the author of 19 business books & programs, CEO of Cardone Real Estate Acquisitions. Entrepreneurship and sale’s training opportunities, and with his high value online education website cardone university he offers a ton of resources for his audience. With a 500 million + net worth he’s like high octane jet fuel.  Imagine he’s standing right across from you staring you down. He tells you to “close your eyes, and now JUMP!” Flight, walla…. one of the most amazing experiences known to man.

In this podcast episode I was fortunate enough to have Ryan Tseko on the podcast. The 10 year commercial airline pilot is currently the captain and pilot to Grant Cardone’s Gulfstream Jet. Ryan also carries with him a very impressive resume of $70,000,000 in current real estate. Could you imagine that for yourself? Well, Sure…. A lot of people CAN imagine but don’t have the guts to take flight. Ryan explains on what it takes to take flight, as well as breaking down the mindset. Not too shabby for the 32 year old from Arizona.

With that being said, in the beginning Ryan Tseko cold called the author of the New York times best selling book 10x rule by Grant Cardone. That’s right Ryan Tseko cold called, and called.. and called until he was given an opportunity to become part of the team.

As the pilot of Grant Cardone and being with him nearly 300 days out of the year. You are definitely going to have to adopt the 10x mentality otherwise you’re not going to last. However, Ryan has always had this mentality. What he needed was to surround himself with more 10x rule minded people. Most of all what I appreciate the most from the 10x rule is that it requires you to take massive action. It is a classic yet simple approach and will yield incredible life lasting results.

You see all of this wasn’t luck. Ryan Tseko worked and earned his position through persistent and sheer drive . In addition he tells the audience that from a very young age he was already applying the 10x rule. You know what the 10x rule is right? That’s okay if you don’t. It is one of Grant Cardones new york times best seller book and is a must read if you want to grow financially and as a person.

As a result of Ryan’s hard work he’s now living a life of abundance and prosperous opportunities. Especially relevant is him co hosting on GrantCardoneTV where you can find a ton of really cool and useful information and resources. In addition check out his book the 10x rule. Furthermore you can view more information on their website along with other digital products.  Finally as you listen to the podcast you will get a better understanding of what I am talking about.





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