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Welcome to the 2016 LA FIT EXPO

The HFE Podcast Ep.002

Hey guys !

This is the second episode of the HFE podcast. In this episode we were live at 2016 LA Fit Expo checking out the newest trends, supplements and biggest names in the health & fitness industry. We were fortunate enough to ask a few questions to some really great people and received some information that we hope helps our audience here at the HFE podcast

In this episode we interviewed Michelle Janine who is a professional dancer (hip-hop, choreography) fitness model and trainer. We also got a chance to speak to Morris Mullaleech who is the founder and CEO of MyFitnessPals, which I thought was a fantastic new APP that could really have a big impact on the Health & Fitness community.  Parker Egerton was another great guy we got a chance to interview and meet for the first time at the LA Fit Expo, who is a big name in the Health & fitness industry, online trainer, fitness model. And last but not least here at the HFE podcast we interviewed IFBB pro Tonnell Rodrigue who was another great guy to talk about a few things about binge eating and content preparation.

If you have you have a question that you would like to be featured on The HFE podcast, please leave your information at the bottom along with your question, and will do our best to have it answered




The HFE Podcast Ep.001

Welcome to the HFE podcast where we discuss health, fitness & everything else. The HFE Podcast was founded on January 1st 2016 in the heart of West Hollywood, California.  This podcast is dedicated to not just the health & fitness enthusiasts but also to the individuals who work in the health & fitness industry. We’ll be addressing business strategies, marketing strategies and customer retention skills that will help you stay competitive in a saturated market. We also know that there is a life outside of health & fitness and for many of us those other passions, obligations and sometimes stress can have an impact on our day to day lives; hence why we will be discussing health, fitness & “EVERYTHING ELSE” because lets face it all of that stuff matters and we want to provide our audience with great content that will help the overall quality of peoples lives physically, mentally and create a community which comes together to help each other overcome obstacles.

In this particular episode, you will learn about the host of the show. You will get information about why this podcast was created and how we plan on moving forward with valuable content in regards to the health & fitness industry, as well as focusing on other subjects that we feel would be benefit our audience