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In this Pod-cast episode you’ll hear the story of Kristina jimenez and Amit Patel. Kristina is a young actress, fitness model from Ohio living in Los Angeles, California focusing on her passion of acting. You may have seen her on the CBS series show Extant recently staring Haley Bary. She and Amit Patel, who is her photographer and an MBA in Business from the University of Chicago. They have come together to create a new brand revolving around stunning artistic photos of health & fitness brands, models as well as products.

We dive into what the challenges & adversity you face as a Actress in Hollywood. Simultaneously working on a startup. We discuss how it’s important to take that initial leap. Regardless of how you feel that first jump is a nerve racking for a lot of people, trust me I know. But you miss every shot you don’t take. And so the value in this podcast resided deep into the story of what these two individuals are doing through the lens. Which is bringing a community together which shares that common passion of beautiful photography and fitness. What I enjoyed most about Kristina Jimenez is her attitude on life. Regardless of failures or adversity she continues to  keep perpetuation her dreams. Mastering “the grind” isn’t easy but it is mandatory if you want to become successful in anything in life. especially in the entertainment industry.

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