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In this Episode of Health, Fitness & Everything Else podcast, I had the opportunity to interview Tim Drummond. A online Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur located in London. When Tim graduated college he had a incredible opportunity to work in the finance world. ( Think Wall Street but in London) Slowly Tim started to realize that his career in the world of finance wasn’t his true calling. We discuss the career change Tim took more then 8 years ago in hopes of inspiring and motivating people. He aslo has a book out on amazon The 30/30 Body Blueprint called  now, and is currently working on his second book.

Before he started his online personal training career. Tim worked at a conventional box gym and right away fell in love with it. Tim has helped many people get in incredible shape, loose weight and gain the confidence they’ve always wanted. He’s worked with professionals, weekend warriors, brides and much more including Hollywood actress Mishca Barton.

His shift to the online world of personal training is whats exciting because as some of you know the world of online personal training is growing, and growing ! The power of having a global audience is huge these days. With social media being a huge part of that Tim explains that you need to have massive amounts of followers to be successful. You just need the right niche, target audience, and how you’re going to take them from A to B.

This excited me because as a Personal & Athletic trainer myself for the last 10 years working with countless number of clients, servicng thousands of sessions, suddenly gave me a breathe of fresh air. When I first launched JRT Fitness a PT business located in Beverly Hills, CA and Pasadena, CA a few years ago.

I thought to myself could this go online? Can I make this work in the online space as a successful online personal training business. Well you know what, I never did it.. And now I kind of regret it. Why? because my vision wasn’t clear. Now since then JRT fitness has done great for me and is continuing to do well as a brick & mortar type of gym.

But let’s get back to where I’m going with this. I’ve recently been excited more than ever to push myself and brand to the online world. The opportunity to share my knowledge and help so many people rather than just 1 on 1 coaching is exciting.  Witnessing the success of others like Tim has been very inspirational to me. But this podcast isn’t about me. It’s all about Tim, and learning from him on what works well and what doesn’t work so well. The man is killing it and doing a damn good job at it!


I can keep writting, but lets keep it short and sweet. All the juicy stuff is really in the podcast and I hope all of you receive tons of value out of this episode. Please subscribe & download the podcasts as it does help support what I am doing here. I also would greatly appreciate signing up to our email list. Doing so notifys you of promotions, offers, and keeps you updated with all the exciting new things which I have planned for not future. Not just the podcast, but the YouTube Vlogs coming out very soon giveaways and much more


p.s. Make sure to check out Tim on Facebook, Instagram and his book on Amazon





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Jack Rousian is Entrepreneur & Business owner. The 28 year old Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancment specialist has been in the industry professionally for 10 years in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder of JRT Fitness a personal & athletic training service and is also a partner, CEO of Guardian Shield Insurance services, as well as a Patent holder. He is a blogger, and enjoys working on Startup Companies

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