The Millennial loan officer

Millennials have become the generation of entrepreneurs. In this episode, I have the pleasure to bring on my good friend Armond, a millennial entrepreneur himself. Since the massive recession of 2008, many millennials began distrusting the financial system.The result – an industry which once operated on integrity and trust, has now become an industry that is perceived as dishonest and corrupt. As a successful Los Angeles-based loan officer, he runs his business helping first time buyers settle into their dream homes by focusing on engagement and building trust with the millennial generation.

The city of Los Angeles has been exploding with new high rises, apartment buildings, etc. Rent has been booming and the market is going up and up! Yet young people are still paying the high rent premiums to live here. However, in this podcast episode, Armond explains that the millennial generation does not realize that they could very well afford a home. While there are many reasons why young renters are not converting to home-ownership, like student loan debt and the comforts of living at home with parents. It still does not fully explain the millennial hesitation with buying.

Armond explains that it goes back to trust and integrity. A millennial will search on the internet before even thinking about contacting a loan officer. Armond and his team thrive because they focus on connectivity and rapport through integrated digital marketing. While the older generation of mortgage originators and loan officers continue their struggle to compete with the new digital era. As part of the millennial generation himself, he is committed to professionally serving his clients. A loan officer who is able to focus on these two aspects is able to capitalize on the relationship-driven nature of the mortgage business. The technology-driven society of the millennial generation has become accustom to things getting done quick, easy and simple. With that being said, either adapt as a loan officer with this new millennial generation or you will get left behind.

In this podcast episode you will learn:

  1.  New programs are available to the public
  2. What to focus on when trying to buy a home for the first time.
  3. The common myths of the mortgage industry
  4. Things to avoid when trying to qualify for a loan
  5. A few things to consider when applying for a loan
  6. What makes a good loan officer vs a bad loan officer
  7. How long does the process of obtaining the loan actually take


P.s for more info about Armond check him out on Instagram, Facebook, and his website


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