What is Forex trading?

Serial entrepreneur & Forex trader Jimmy Webb explains how this million dollar skill can be learned by anyone and not just the guys in Wall Street.


Freedom is huge and in this episode of the HFE podcast I brought on my good friend Jimmy Webb. He explains what Forex trading is, how the market works, and the necessary steps to get started. The skill can be mastered but the hustle is sold separate, Jimmy explains clearly how trading has changed his life. Trading has given Jimmy much more than money, it has given Jimmy freedom, which is priceless. Imagine the freedom to make money anywhere in the world, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Sounds pretty good eh? Well that’s Jimmy’s lifestyle. Now let’s be clear that there are many ways to make money online these days, i.e eCommerce, Ebay, Amazon, selling on Instagram, Pinterest, perhaps email marketing. So why Forex instead of traditional ways of making money online? Well let’s start with things you will not need or worry about.


  • No need for audience or niche
  • No need for website
  • No need for Product research
  • No need for Facebook or Google Ads
  • No need for SEO & Schema Mark-ups
  • No need for shipping items
  • No need for email marketing

and the list goes on you get the idea right?


What makes Forex trading different than anything else is that profits are not based on your Facebook or Google advertisement budget, but rather based on your research, discipline & choices made, and with 1 click you can be up 20% on your investment or down 20%. Now for most people being down 20% or more on a investment can scare the living shit out of you. This explains why people choose to stay away from Forex, Crypto, Nasdaq S&P 500, Futures trading etc. With that being said, the $500 sitting in your savings account is collecting very little to zero interest.






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