The HFE Podcast the smart way to stay competitive in a saturated market

The HFE Podcast where we discuss Health, Fitness & Everything Else was founded on January 1st 2016 in the heart of West Hollywood, California.  This podcast is dedicated to not just the health & fitness enthusiasts but also to the individuals who work in the health & fitness industry. We’ll be addressing business strategies, marketing strategies and customer retention skills. Learn the smart way to stay competitive in a saturated market. We also know that there is a life outside of health & fitness and for many of us those other passions, obligations and sometimes stress can have an impact on our day to day lives; hence why we will be discussing health, fitness & “EVERYTHING ELSE” because lets face it all of that stuff matters and we want to provide our audience with great content that will help the overall quality of peoples lives physically, mentally and create a community which comes together to help each other overcome obstacles.



The host of the show – National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer Jack Rousian who holds several certifications through the organization has been a professional in the industry for 10 years. Jack has a worked with a variety people from severe obesity, outpatient corrective exercise rehabilitation, weekend warriors and enthusiasts all the way to professional athletes,  actors, models, and also professionals such as doctors, lawyers, professors, and business owners in Los Angeles. He is also the owner and founder of JRT Fitness which is a personal & athletic training business in the Los Angeles Area. JRT Fitness was awarded 2015’s best business in the category of “trainers” and has a very prestige reputation. Jack Rousian is also a CEO & Partner of Guardian shield insurance services, and currently also working on his first patent. The twenty eight year old entrepreneur is very passionate about serving people and helping the community come together to make a positive impact.


We want this blog to be as genuine as possible; everything we share on our blog/podcast is coming from our own experiences in the Los Angeles market. The topics that we discuss on this show are not anything that you can’t already find on the internet but rather sharing real experiences through trial and errors in hopes of giving the audience raw feedback on what works well and what doesn’t work so well. We want to make sure that we are also very transparent about ourselves and serve our audience with integrity.

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